Wall tiles

The award-winning Mosa Design Team are true innovators when it comes to developing advanced wall tile collections, colors and systems, in part thanks to Mosa’s flexible, state-of-the-art, in-house production capabilities. All Mosa wall tiles are double-hardened or double-fired for a high-quality glaze layer with a glossy or subtly matt surface. They’re modular and offer easy installation thanks to precise consistency in size.

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Different hues within a single surface. As light changes, so does the look of the floor. This leads to colour effects that are intangible and full of surprises.

15thirty Greys

Warm and cool shades of white and grey with the iconic tile size of 15 x 30 centimeter.

Classics Foxtrot

A glossy, distinctive, and functional wall tile, typical of the thirties.

Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection

Designed by Kho Liang le, this is an iconic design classic from the sixties with glossy, geometric, and textured surfaces.

Classics Trocadero

These classic, glossy wall tiles with a distinctive facet edge are an ode to Parisian metro stations.


The Colors series offers fifty bright and muted colours for glossy and colourful walls. If you are unable to find the special colour nuance you are looking for, we can create the desired colour on request.

Global Collection / Globalgrip

A striking colour palette to complement a tile series defined by functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Matt Collection

Matt tiles in earthy, ceramic shades of black, white, and neutral grey. These complementary colours are perfect for designing monochrome interiors.

Mix & Mosaics

Choose from a wide variety of colours in mosaic and strip options. The neat finish on these tiles adds an unparalleled dynamic to walls and floors.

Murals Blend

A combination of tones, gloss levels, and sizes in a single ceramic wall. Harmonious spaces can be created through the careful selection of tiles.

Murals Change

Subtle lines with random sweeps of glazing divides the tile into two parts. This creates a tile that catches light and plays with shadows.

Murals Fuse

Tiles that feel exquisitely handmade, encouraging the eye to merge colour gradations.

Murals Lines

Elegance and subtlety in two clear-cut surfaces that offer depth and refinement. The wall tiles showcase the play of light, shadow, and movement.


Pure ceramic with a versatile aesthetic that unites neutral and earthy characteristics. The subtle tile gradations enhance the appearance of any surface.


A gradual build-up of colours, shades, and textures. The unique character of the tiles creates a natural scene.


Timeless and pure ceramics in natural hues with a rugged look and feel. Together, these tiles create a unified whole: like a ceramic skin, Solids adds warmth and depth to any surface.

Terra Beige & Brown

Gradations of beige and brown in three colour types. Combine colours and sizes to create a lively tile pattern with distinctive lines.

Terra Greys

A wide selection of grey shades with subtle design nuances. The individual tiles create a surface that is modest, timeless, and natural.

Terra Maestricht

Striking, earthy hues symbolize pure ceramics. A timeless classic that adds a unique touch to any surface.

Terra Tones

A subtle palette of light, medium, and dark shades in the same colour helps to create a vibrant tile surface.